Security Assessment & Monitoring

Securiscan provides insight in the security status of your company. Our detailed reports show where your servers or websites are the most vulnerable and how you can fix these vulnerabilities so you can start focusing on your product and contribute to a safer internet.

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Detailed Reporting

Securiscan provides detailed reports and graphs about your security issues and teaches you how to fix them. You can easily sort through the issues using advanced filters and you can click them for a more technical view.

Monitoring & Alerts

We will send you an alert when specific events occur, for example when one of your SSL certificates has almost expired or when a critical vulnerability is detected. This way you are always on top of your security. Beat the hackers!

Powerful API

We provide our users with a modern and intuitive REST API using oAuth. Integrate Securiscan with your own portal or portals and never lose sight of your company’s security. Resellers & partners can provide a more authentic feeling for their customers using our API.

Security is important.

Every single website, system and app on the internet is a possible target for hackers. With automated processes, they scan websites for vulnerable systems and applications with little to no regard for the size of the organisation they target, exploiting vulnerabilities in scripts with access to your database. The question isn’t whether, but rather when hackers will find a way to abuse your application or website, and what lasting effect it could have on your or your customers’ organisations. How long would it take you to discover that your – or one of your customers’ – websites or systems were hacked? Learn about the ten most common reasons for a hacker to target and abuse your website or application here.